Saturday March 3rd at Chasers. Check out the Facebook event.

Screeching Harassment Ent. proudly presents:

Grow it, glue it, draw it, clip it, tape it, make it….

It’s The 4th Annual Mustache Massacre!

Just show up at the door with a mustache and you get in FREE!
Don’t feel like joining the fun?
No worries, it’s only $5 (and helps pay the venue costs).
All ages. Bar with ID.
Chasers – 8005 East Roosevelt St. Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Doors @ 7:00 PM

So, cut your sister’s nappy mop, steal your uncle’s toupee, or shave a dead goat. ‘Cuz we don’t care where you get the hair, as long as it’s there!

This year’s entertainment provided by:

ACID TRASH – 7:30-8:00
JODOKAZT – 8:15-8:45
IKONOKLAST – 9:00-9:40
THE IRIS – 10:00-10:45
HARDWIRE – 11:00-11:45
TECHNODRONE – 12:00-12:45

With DJ DARK MARK between sets!

Photo booth by Jonny Synthetic and Rigor Mortis Doll House!
Get yo’ bad-ass mo’-fro’ pho-togged to show your grand kids what a weirdo you were!

Mustache Rules:
*Must be hands-free (attached to your face somehow)
*No finger mustaches! (drawing on finger and placing to face)
*5 o’clock shadow does not count (add some roughage to that stubble!)
*The more outrageous, the better! (get creative, there is a contest!)

Contest participants will be selected from the audience by the hosts and asked to stand on the stage. Audience will then have a chance to vote. Tie breakers will ultimately be judged by the hosts.

1st place – AKA the Mustache Messiah ($50 cash + band merch)
2nd place – AKA the Bristle Baron (band merch)


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