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Hardwire: The Industrial Hardcore Tech was formed in late 1999 by Michael Marsh and Ryan Hutman. Ryan had a decent background in making trance and breakbeat on his home computer while Mike had been playing guitar for only a few years. Both had known each other from high school and through mutual friends but had not spent any time working on serious music. Finally at a party, both had come to the realization that they were fans of, and shared an interest in KMFDM. Roughly a week later Hardwire: The Industrial Hardcore Tech was formed.  Since that time they have added two new members to their line up.  Chris Austin now joins them on drums as well as Jonah Foree on guitar.

Since then they have created and refined a unique sound heavily influenced and similar to KMFDM, Rammstein, Die Krupps, Fear Factory, Megadeth, and Slayer. They have played clubs in the Phoenix underground since mid 2000 with such acts as Slick Idiot, Imperative Reaction, Ikonoklast, and The Strand. They have also provided live music for BotBash, a robotic fighting tournament that took place in Tempe, AZ and at the Del Mar State Fair in Del Mar, CA.

In addition they have provided music for a locally produced film, The Great American Snuff Film and completed their first full length CD, Keyboard Cowboy. Hardwire is now locked and loaded to introduce America and the world to Hardcore Industrial Tech.

Mike Marsh Jonah Foree Chris Austin Ryan Hutman

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